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The police later recorded that Show had received " a five-inch gash to the throat; a stab wound that punctured a lung and another that grazed her spine; several wounds to the head; and a number of defensive wounds".

Initially testimonies from the three showed that Yunkin had dropped Lambert and Buck off at Show's house, where the two girls murdered Show.

Show and Yunkin had gone on a few dates, with Show reporting to her mother that Yunkin had date raped her.

Shortly after his final date with Show, Yunkin resumed dating Lambert, who was pregnant with his child.

Lambert initially began harassing Show in 1991 after learning that Show briefly dated Yunkin over the summer.

The murder of Laurie Show occurred on December 20, 1991.Yunkin was later brought to the stand and the sweatpants that had been re-introduced in the 1997 trial as belonging to him were produced.Yunkin was ordered to hold the sweatpants up against his body, which were shown to be too short for him and of a different fabric than the pair shown in the 1992 trial.Show was a 16-year-old sophomore student at Conestoga Valley High School.Show's body was discovered in her Lancaster, Pennsylvania home on December 20, 1991 by her mother Hazel Show, with Show's throat cut.

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